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RotoLab Mac 2016 Notes

Current Program Version:  16.06       posted for download on 03/14/16

To Update:  If you are not running the latest version you should upgrade.  I will be fixing items as they come in, as well as porting over new features as I find time to do so until early March.  Download the latest version off the RotoLab software-updates page.  Run it and when prompted choose "Replace" the current version.  This will only replace the RotoLab 2016 app bundle.  It will not affect or update your RotoLab player or League data.  For those that are interested, the data is stored here:

[User's Home Folder]/Library/Application Support/RotoLab/Baseball/2016/.....

RotoLab Mac version program updates:

16.04 - 16.06
[RLM-568] - Critical bug fixed in League creation routine, to avoid duplicate records in Roster table

[RLM-575] - PVM values not working properly with Position Scarcity Option on.  Fixed.

[RLM-206] - Added Player Info popup on Roster screen.

[RLM-295] - Added Cloud Backups up to the RotoLab server.

[RLM-568] - Critical bug fixed in League creation routine, to avoid duplicate records in Roster table

[RLM-569] - Import Moves crashing the program, updated external file import plugin

[RLM-001] - Initial Release of 2016 Mac version

[RLM-000] - Initial Release to Beta testers

Notes and Tips

Right-clicking:  Some of you have asked about right-clicking in the Mac version, commenting that you can't right-click on a player to un-draft them.  On the you have a "secondary-click".  This is defined in your mouse settings in your Mac preferences.  You can set it to your right mouse button, but it can also be defined for other events.  So, if your right-click doesn't seem to be working, check in the Preferences to see how you have things set up.  Also a [Control] Left-click will usually bet setup for as a secondary-click as well as a two finger tap on your track pad if using a Laptop.

Big items missing in RotoLab 2016 Mac version:

1. Cloud Backups are not operation yet. I'm testing out an issue but it should be in the program in the next few days.
2. Restore is not turned on yet either, it will be turned on when the Cloud Backups are. But feel free to make local backups, you can restore from them later if needed.
3. The 2015 League convert will convert everything in your league from last year, except roster. There are a lot of issues related to missing BaseballHQ player IDs, misspelled names, players changing teams, etc... that cause the code to be more complex than it seems on the surface. For 2016, you'll start with empty rosters, but this feature will be added soon.
4. For those that use RotoLab during the season and rely on the current stats page to be in place, I am hoping to add it sometime in April. But this is an in-season function, so it would not affect you until after the season starts, if you happen to use it.
5. The Full Stat views on the Draft screen are still not operational. Use the normal Cheat Sheet for now. I will trying to get them online sooner than later.
6. Color and Font adjustments have still not been added.
7. The Commissioner Window is not in the Program yet.
8. The Trade Analyzer is not built yet. I hope to work on this in February.
9. The Budget Grid on the draft screen is not there. This is going to be a major reworking form the Windows version, I feel this is the one component that could use the most work. Will not by worked on until the summer.
10. There is a new Report generator that needs to have a few more reports ported over as well as some issues like the filters not working on some reports. This will be looked at in February I think.
11. Help file -- there is one present now, but it needs a lot of fleshing out. It will be useful for new users, but I still need to bring over a lot more content from the Windows version.
12. Player Isolation Grid on the Editor screen is not present.
13. The Ultra List on the Draft screen is not operational yet.
14. Manual Rookie Ranking is not operational. The list in the program is BHQ's top 100, so it is a solid list, but as of now, you cannot change the order yourself.

In the Mac version, not in Windows version:

1. A new set of Flags for use on the Roster screen. Easy to tag players to target or trade bait if you are so inclined. Use the 1,2 and 3 as Hot keys or use the buttons at the top.
2. The Keepers entry dialog box for the Roster screen is much improved.
3. The Flags on the Draft screen received so major attention. Each flag now has its own dedicated color and they can be toggled simply with the Number keys (1-0) on the normal keyboard above the alphabet.
4. The Tiers are now much easier to set, as the work across all positions. This tells a better story of the value distribution across positions. Further there is an Auto-calc function now that will set them fairly well based on the cheat sheet. But you can set the value of the boundary yourself if you like.
5. An option has been added to show players with multiple position eligibility like this: Posey,Buster (C1) to show he is eligible at catcher and 1st base.
6. An option to show Closers in their own column on the Cheat Sheet or to be folded into the a single column along with the other relievers.
7. The Picks screen now shows the number at each position in the upper area of the Picks screen.
8. The value parameters have been moved to their own dedicated screen, called Value. I still need to move the SGP parameters to that screen and I'm going to add a graph so that you can visually see the effect of valuation changes, but those are later this summer, I think.
9. And option for Percentage of Games Played has been added to Position Eligibility.




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